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What's New

Oregon's Renewable Energy and Feed-In Tariff Policies

We encourage you to explore the links provided below to better understand Oregon's renewable energy landscape and Feed-In Tariffs.


Oregonians for Renewable Energy Progess Comments to the Northwest Power & Conservation Council on the Draft 7th Power Plan; Ray Neff, OREP, Dec 16, 2015

OPUC Attributes for the Design of a Community Solar Program: To the Senate Committee on Environment and Natural Resources and the House Interim Committee on Energy and Environment; OPUC, Oct 26, 2015

PUC Order: Extension of the Distribution Process, Capacity Allocation, and Volumetric Rates for the Remainder of the Solar Pilot Program to March 31, 2016; Oregon Public Utility Commission, Aug 26, 2015

PUC Order to Determine VIR Rates for May 1, 2015 Enrollment Window; Oregon Public Utility Commission, Mar 25, 2015

The Solar Pilot Program has been a Big Success for Oregon; OREP, January 2015

Solar Photovoltaic Volumetric Incentive Program: 2015 Report to the Legislative Assembly; Oregon Public Utility Commission, Jan 1, 2015


Comments to the Northwest Power and Conservation Council regarding Seventh Power Plan: Quantifiable Environmental Costs and Benefits; Kathleen Newman, Ray Neff, OREP, Oct 31, 2014

Successful Rules for SB 1520 – Renewable Energy Cooperatives; Oct 2014


New Database Provides a Window into Public Utility Commissions in all 50 U.S. States; Advanced Energy Economy, July 16, 2013

Solar Photovoltaic Volumetric Incentive Program: Report to the Legislative Assembly; Prepared by OR Public Utility Commission, January 1, 2013


Standard Offer Contracts for a Clean Energy Economy; FIT legislation submitted by OR Representative Jules Bailey and OREP, September 17, 2012


Jobs for Today. Jobs for Tomorrow. A Strategy for Oregon's Economic Prosperity, John Kitzhaber for Governor 2010

"Feed-in tariff (FIT) for Community Renewable Energy Production: These have radically increased domestic renewable energy production and propelled huge wind and solar industries in Germany, Spain, Denmark and Britain. Through the FIT, homeowners can install solar and wind generators on their property and sell the energy back to the grid at a premium price. A well-designed FIT encourages community buy-in and support, builds the local economy with green-jobs, and provides stable markets that encourage local investment. Oregon’s pilot program for feed-in tariff’s, enacted through House Bill 3039 (2009), will give us additional information to design a FIT that will work across Oregon." (Pg 16)

How to Participate in Oregon's Solar "Payment for Power" Pilot Program

OREP Commentaries

Solar Congregations Program, Oregon Interfaith Power & Light (OIPL)

The New Oregon Feed-In Tariff, July 2010 Slideshow


Legislative History, 2009

PUC Rulemaking, 2009

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