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Introduction to Renewable Energy Feed-in Tariffs

The following video produced by the World Future Council in 2010 provides an excellent overview of what a feed-in tariff law is, and how they encourage rapidly deployment of new renewables, create jobs, and provide economic and environmental benefits to individuals and communites.
(Approximately 5 minutes)

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The Resources below illustrate a variety of ways that this simple law used successfully in over 60 countries provides a wide variety of benefits to you and your community.

FIT Overview

Feed-in Tariffs: The Proven Road NOT Taken…Why?; Peter Lynch, Renewable Energy World Contributor, November 23, 2011

View OREP's FIT primer, Decentralizing the Energy Grid (9:05)
  ~ Download Dencentralizing the Energy Grid companion flash cards

Community Ownership

• America and Germany Getting Their Clean Energy Just Desserts; John Farrell, Renewable Energy World, December 2, 2011

• "Citizen Power" Conference to be held in Historic Chamber Where World's First Feed-in Law Was Enacted: 51% of German Renewables Now Owned by Its Own Citizens; Paul Gipe, January 5, 2012

German Ownership of Renewables, Solar PV and Wind generation resources:

German RE ownership German PV ownership German Wind ownership
(larger size image...)

• Gainesville, Florida Becomes a World Leader in Solar; John Farrell, Renewable Energy World, Jan 6, 2011



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