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What's New

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Oregon Feed-In Tariff & Renewable Energy News


Oregon Solar News: Policy Update 4/19/16; Jeff Bissonette, Oregon Solar Energy Industries Association

PUC Order: Extension of the Distribution Process, Capacity Allocation, and Volumetric Rates for the Remainder of the Solar Pilot Program to March 31, 2016; Oregon Public Utility Commission, Aug 26, 2015

Pay-for-production solar incentive proving viable in Oregon; Christina Williams, Portland Business Journal, Jan 7, 2015

Solar Photovoltaic Volumetric Incentive Program: 2015 Report to the Legislative Assembly; Oregon Public Utility Commission, Jan 1, 2015


State's solar policies at a crossroads; Stefanie Donahue, Portland Tribune, Sept 18, 2014


Governor Kitzhaber's 10-Year Energy Action Plan moves forward; Albany Tribune, June 25, 2013

Pay-for-production solar incentive proving viable in Oregon; Christina Williams, Sustainable Business Oregon, January 7, 2013

2012 & Beyond

Governor Kitzhaber's 10 Year Energy Action Plan Comments; OREP and supporters, August 2012

Native Americans Endorse Feed-in Tariffs for Oregon; Paul Gipe, wind-works.org, June 12, 2012 (via RenewableEnergyWorld.com) [Find the resolution here...]

Saving Oregon's Solar Industry, Blue Oregon; by Nick Engerfield, 06/03/2011

Boardman Plan is Good; Now Let's Reach for Better; by Andrea Durbin, The Oregonian-December 25, 2010

If PGE strategically limits its use of natural gas and prioritizes conservation, energy efficiency and lower-carbon renewable resources to replace the majority of Boardman's power, it will meet Oregon's power needs and help firm up Oregon's place as a clean-energy leader. That's because filling the void for coal power will create significant clean-energy business opportunities and jobs, save consumers money, help Oregon become energy independent and reduce Oregon's greenhouse gas emissions ....[read more]

First Users of Oregon Solar Pilot Program Up and Running; by Richard Read, The Oregonian-September 1, 2010

Like almost all Oregonians, Jeff Ramp has paid utility bills for years to power his home, which sits on an onion farm near Salem.

But within a few weeks, Ramp will start receiving monthly checks from Portland General Electric Co. instead. The utility will pay him a premium for solar energy he produces and consumes. The checks will ....[read more]

Oregon's Solar Future Could Hinge on Copying Germany; by Amy Hsuan, The Oregonian-February 19, 2010

FREIBERG, Germany -- Head to the eastern edge of Germany, go down a two-lane road, pass the castle walls of this medieval town, and you'll find a glimmer of Oregon's future.

New solar factories rise atop snow-covered hills. High-tech businesses snag workers for miles around. On rooftops and farmland, solar panels fire ....[read more]

Let all join in renewable revolution; Jennifer Gleason, Eugene Register Guard, November 18, 2008

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