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OREP's Mission:
Advancing the renewable energy transformation through innovative public policy solutions.

OREP's Vision:
Oregon commiunities powered by clean, renewable energy.

OREP's Values:
Environmental Stewardship
OREP understands that a healthy environment is the foundation of a sustainable prosperity. We strive to minimize negative impacts from human activity on the planet by promoting clean alternatives to “business-as-usual” fossil-fuel power plants that use astounding quantities of clean water and emit climate- and ocean-damaging carbon dioxide and other pollutants that are harmful to ecosystems and human health.  We are committed to passing on a livable planet to our children and future generations.

Community Empowerment
OREP advocates for the power of individuals and communities to stand up and make a difference.  The democratic and regulatory processes in Oregon empower ordinary citizens to shape the policy decisions that affect our lives (Oregon’s 19 Statewide Planning Goals: Goal 1-Citizen Involvement).

OREP strives for the highest  integrity in both its intellectual work  and interpersonal relationships.  Documentation and transparency guide our education and analysis, and honest representation of our beliefs and positions.  We listen, learn, and share information in order to hasten success of our mission.

OREP recognizes that the benefits and costs of the transition to distributed renewable energy should be enjoyed and borne fairly by all sectors of society, with job opportunities for all and protections for those with the fewest resources.

OREP is empowered, by the values and passion of its members and by the diligence of its efforts, to step forward and lead the renewable energy  conversation in community, regulatory, and legislative arenas.

OREP is driven by a passion to preserve a habitable planet for humans and other species, and to enhance the human experience with sustainable prosperity for all.

OREP is optimistic that many of the problems facing our world today can be simultaneously resolved through well-crafted public policies that protect the environment and create good, living-wage jobs.


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