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OREP Policy Digest

The OREP Policy Digest is a periodic publication of Oregonians for Renewable Energy Progress. In the Digest we share renewable energy news from around the globe, examine what makes feed-in tariffs and other policies so effective, and the renewable energy implementation challenges and opportunities we face in the U.S. and Oregon.

We encourage you to read and pass on this information to your network of renewable energy advocates, regulators, and legislators. We also welcome your feedback and contributions to future issues of the OREP Policy Digest. You can reach us at OREP Info.


green arrow bullet April
• 2016 Oregon Legislative Review
    Coal to Clean Transition & Increased RPS Bill; Utility-scale solar incentive; OPUC upholds renewable energy rules; Our
    Children's Trust federal lawsuit & liquified natural gas projects canceled
Energy Resources
• Peabody Coal's bankruptcy would be 'rocket fuel' to end investment old energy companies
• Fossil Fuels are all but finished: Renewable energies are the future, whether the GOP acknowledges it or not
• New Report: Protect the Climate, Save Money, and Create Jobs
• Can Germany's renewable energy revoloution be replicated in the United States?
• Rapid, affordable energy transformation possible


green arrow bullet August
• 2015 Oregon Legislative Review
• Regulatory Update, OR Public Utility Commission
       UM 1716: Investigation to Determine the Value of Solar
       UM 1746: Community Solar Program Design
Value of Solar Resources
• Solar Net Metering a Subsidy to Utilities?
• Inside the new approach to finding the true value of solar
• Is solar worth $0.33 per kWh? Inside Maine's valuation debate
• REPORT: Value of Solar: Program Design and Implementation Considerations; National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Community Solar Resources
• New York's new community net metering makes solar accessible
• Why community shared solar is ready to be the great equalizer?
• Why Minnesota's Community Solar Program is the Best
• Bringing Shared Solar to Scale
REPORTS: A Guide to Community Shared Solar: Utility, Private and Non-Profit Development; NREL
       Model Rules for Shared Renewable Energy Programs; Interstate Renewable Energy Council
100% renewable energy is possible
• Here's what it would take for the US to run on 100% renewable energy
• The 100-RE Club
• California Power Grid Seen Able to Handle 100% Renewables
REPORT: 100% clean and renewable wind, water, and sunlight (WWS) all-sector energy roadmaps for the 50 United States; M. Jacobson, M. Delucchi, et. al.



green arrow bullet OREP Winter Reading List: The Only Constant is Change
• Changing the Rules to Help Utilities Embrace the Future; America's Power Plan
• Minnesota: Grassroots Effort Setting the Pace in the US
• Despite the Myths, the Global Energy Transition Continues


green arrow bullet October
• Climate change is here and worse than we thought
• Global Warming's Terrifying New Math

• The German switch from nuclear to renewables - myths and facts
• Community Wind Power: Local Power for Local People
• British NGOs Propose Precedent-Setting Feed-in Tariffs for Energy Efficiency
North America:
• A better (more cost effective) mousetrap? How much do U.S. tax benefits cost per kWh of solar production?
• U.S. CLEAN Programs: Where Are We Now? What Have We Learned?
• Harvesting Clean Energy on Ontario Farms: A Transatlantic Comparison
• Ontario's green energy revolution started with a single turbine
• Solar Works for Oregon: The Vast Potential of Solar Power to Protect Our Environment and Create Jobs
• OREP In Coalition
• Successor to Oregon's Solar Pilot Program Submitted
• The Register Guard Guest Viewpoint: Promoting renewable energy means more jobs
• 2012 Future Energy Conference: OREP Public Forum - Electricity Rebellion: Democratizing Generation with Renewable
      Energy, with Paul Gipe

green arrow bullet March
• Feed-in Tariffs Best to Deal with Climate Changes Says IPCC Working Group III on Renewables
• Harvesting Renewable Energy: German-American lessons learned on rural development
• New British & Malaysian FIT Programs Launch: World First—British Feed-in Tariffs for Renewable Heat and Solar DHW Tariff     Scheduled for Fall 2012; Malaysia Seeks 1,250 MW of Solar Photovoltaics by 2020
North America:
• Renewable energy cost modeling: A Toolkit for establishing cost-based incentives in the United States
• What do Rhode Island, Feed-in Tariffs, CREST, and Soccer All Have in Common?
• America and Germany Getting Their Clean Energy Just Desserts
• Feed-in Tarrifs: The Proven Road NOT Taken… Why?
• Federal Tax Credits May Handcuff Clean Energy Development
• OREP Commentary: Sustainable Local Food: Sustainable Local Energy
• Oregon PUC Sets Volumetric Incentive Rates (VIR) for April 1, 2012 Solar Pilot Program Lottery
• Will A Feed-In Tariff Be Part of Oregon's Ten-Year Energy Plan?
• OREP In Coaltion: Alliance for Renewable Energy, Northwest Energy Coalition, & Climate Access
• OREP Monthly Conference Call Audio Recordings:
    January 12, 2012: Guest Speakers Debrief on Climate & Energy Study Tour to Germany
    October 26, 2011: The Many Benefits of Decentralized, Local Renewable Energy Generation


green arrow bullet October
• Snapshot of Feed-in Tariffs around the World in 2011
• Deutsche Bank Examines German PV FITs: Gives Germany "Best-in-Classs" Rating for Transparency, Longevity, & Certainty
North America:
• Rhode Island Posts Proposed tariffs, Meets Deadline
• Nova Scotia Community Feed-in Tariffs To Launch September 19th
• Monopoly Energy or Energy Democracy
• Should California Simply Adopt German Solar Tariffs?
• How to Design Feed-in Tariffs in the USA without Fear of Federal Preemption
• Oregon's Solar Pilot Program: Snapshot of October 2011 Capacity Allocation
• Feed-in Tariffs or bidding: How Best to Assign Renewable Contracts
• Decentralizing the Energy Grid, OREP's first YouTube video
• OREP Monthly Conference Call Audio Recording: Ontario Canada's Feed-in Tariff, Adam Scott, Environmental Devence, Canada; August 24, 2011
• OREP Commentary: Tar Sands Oil or the Right FIT?

green arrow bullet July
• What FITs Could Do for Japan's Electricity ShortageNo Nukes, No Problem?
• Germany's Race for a Renewable Future;
• Malaysia Adopts Sophisticed System of Feed-in Tariffs
North America:
• California Study Finds Distributed Generation Worth Five Cents/kWh in Avoided Transmission Costs;
• Designing an Effective Feed-in Tariff for Greater Los Angeles - UCLA Report, Spring 2010
• Implementing FIT Programs: Comparative Analyses & Lessons Learned - UCLA Report, Spring 2011;
• New CA Governor Jerry Brown Calls for FITs to Develop Distributed Generation;
• Distributed Geothermal in CA Can Add 7% of Supply - What FIT Prices are Necessary?;
• Implementing the Gainseville FIT;
• Protecting Creation: SOlar PV at Religious Insitutions Driven by FITs
• Governor Kitzhaber's 2010 Campaign Proposed FITs to Keep Oregon Energy Dollars Here at Home
• OPUC Ruling Reduces Investor Certainty in the Solar Pilot Program; Solar, Solar Everywhere
• OREP Commentary: Paying for Oregon's Transition to Renewable Energy

green arrow bullet March
• Status of FITs in Europe 2010;
• Italian FITs Drive 3x More Solar PV Growth Than US;
• UK FIT Promotes Energy Conservation; British FITs Could Power Housing
North America:
• FIT For Ontario;
• Ontario FITs Rapidly Creating Solar Jobs;
• Ontario FIT Contracts Spur $9B in Private Investment;
• Solar in Ontario, 2011 Preview;
• NREL Policymaker's Guide to Feed-In Tariff Policy Design
• How Oregon's Solar Pilot Program Works;
• World Future Council Grades North American FIT Programs - California & Oregon Fail;
• How to Participate in Oregon's Solar Pilot Program




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