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How to Participate in Oregon's Solar "Payment for Power" Program

Oregon’s Solar Incentive Pilot Program is currently available only to customers of Pacific Power, Portland General Electric, and Idaho Power.

General information about the pilot program is available on the Oregon Public Utility Commission website. Check your utility’s website for their program specifics.

Capacity reservations fill within minutes and we recommend working closely with your installer to navigate the process. Enrollment windows open April 1 and Oct 1, at 8am.

1) Oregon Public Utility Commission: Solar Incentives for Residential and Business (PDF)

A 2-page flyer that provides general background information about the program, capacity allocations for each participating utility in Oregon, FIT rates (as of Oct 1, 2010), and links to each of the utility’s websites, but not necessarily a direct link to program information.

2) Pacific Power: Oregon Solar Incentive Program

This is a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) about Pacific Power’s program. The question, “How can I participate in the Oregon Solar Incentive Program?” suggests that potential participants locate a qualified installer that “can guide you through the steps, including the necessary applications to Pacific Power to participate in the Oregon Solar Incentive Program.”

3) Portland General Electric: Solar Payment Option

This is the utility’s main page for their program and it contains step-by-step procedures. It provides access to all the necessary forms that participants will need to fill out, except the online capacity reservation form.

4) Idaho Power: Oregon Solar Photovoltaic Program

This page is titled Generator Interconnection Information, located in the Business to Business section of the utility’s website. All the necessary documents a user will need to prepare can be found under the heading: Oregon Generators up to 10MW. (NOTE: The first document link, Oregon Small Generator Procedures, is a technical document from the OR PUC so may not be as relevant to most people looking for general information on how to participate in the program.)

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