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Your Membership in OREP provides critical support as we build on our solid foundation of past effort and engage Oregonians to develop a sustainable, decentralized energy future that benefits us all.

Individual Memberships:
Business and Organizational Memberships:
Annual Donation
Employees in Oregon:
Non-Profit | Government
Individual Members are invited to be listed on our Member page. If you would like to be added, send a message here. Business and Organization Members will be listed on our Member page with a link to your website.


Benefits of membership:

Supporting Members are those who donate, be they individuals, non-profits, or businesses. (see levels below)
  Affiliates are others on our email list who have expressed interest but have not donated within the last year.
  Partners are non-profit organizations who support our vision.
  Endorsers will be any entity that endorses a particular legislative concept or passes a resolution in favor of an
     OREP position
  Voting Members (allowed to vote at the annual meeting) are: members of the Board of Directors; paid staff; and
     volunteers who put in at least sixty hours volunteer-time per year.

Membership expires one year after last donation.

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Do you ever order from Amazon.com? Do you buy e-books for your kindle? Sign up for Amazon Smile and OREP will receive a 0.5% rebate from your purchases. You only have to sign up once to support OREP forever. Click here to go directly to our donation support page.

Oregonians for Renewable Energy Progress is an IRC §501(c)(3) organization so your donation is tax-deductable.

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