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Our understanding of the global need to act, and the state of renewable energy policy and news are rapidly evolving in Oregon, nationally and internationally. This monthly resource will keep you up-to-date with what's new both in OREP and renwewable energy conversations from around the planet. These articles are further archived under the navigation menus listed in red below.

From local communities to national policy decisions, informed and engaged citizens will advance the transition to locally-owned and locally-generated clean renewable energy. We encourage you to check back regularly.

November 2015
green arrow bullet 11/24/15
RE News: Energy

Renewables key in race against warming; Marlowe Hood, The Japan Times, Nov 21, 2015

NREL Estimates Economically Viable U.S. Renewable Generation; National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Nov 19, 2015
    REPORT: Renewable Energy Economic Potential; NREL, 2015

A Brief History of Human Energy Use; Tim Maly, The Atlantic, Nov 13, 2015

12 charts that show the state of the US clean energy revolution; Gavin Bade, Utility Dive, Nov 12, 2015

RE News: Storage & Integration

Oregon saddles up to implement trailblazing energy storage mandate; Herman K. Trabish, Utility Dive, Nov 17, 2015

Will Utilities Look at Solar Microgrids in the Rearview Mirror and Say "Uh Oh"; Elisa Wood, Microgrid Knowledge, Nov 16, 2015

Policy News: World FiT News

Japan Passes FIT Peak: Now What for 87 GW Renewable Queue, 2030 Energy Mix?; Junko Movellan, Renewable Energy World, 2015

Policy News: Community RE

Clean Energy Collective Brings Largest Shared Solar Solution to Washington State; Solar Novus Today, May 22, 2015

Policy Basics: Energy/FiT Resources: Websites

Renewables 100 Policy Institute

Go100% Renewable Energy


green arrow bullet11/20/15
Policy News: Utility Adaptation

The future of rate design: Why the utility industry may shift away from fixed charges; Gavin Bade, Utility Dive, Nov 19, 2015

Renewable energy and the need for storage: Lessons to be learned from the situation in Germany; Martin Tampier, Energy Transition, Nov 5, 2015


green arrow bullet11/18/15
RE News: Energy

Pot power: How utilities and regulators are dealing with the budding marijuana industry; Gavin Bade, Utility Dive, Nov 16, 2015

Policy News: Utility Adaptation

Are PURPA renewable mandates outdated?; R. Kress, Utility Analytics Institute, Nov 16, 2015

Policy News: World FiT News

Thousands of social tenants will lose out if solar subsidies cuts go ahead; Emma Howard, The Guardian, Nov 18, 2015

RE News: Policy Innovation

The 50 States of Solar; NC Clean Energy Technology Center and Meister Consultants Group, Q3 2015


green arrow bullet11/17/15
RE News: Energy

When will the world wake up to the potential of poo power?; John Vidal, the Guardian, Nov 16, 2015

Coal is not the solution to energy poverty, warn aid agencies; The Guardian, Nov 16, 2015

Australia can double bioenergy capacity by 2020, CEFC says; Plamena Tisheva, See News, Nov 12, 2015

Policy News: Community RE

Energy Democracy: Inside Californians' Game-Changing Plan for Community-Owned Power; Al Weinrub, YES! Magazine, Nov 12, 2015

Solar Power Without Solar Panels; ClearPath, 2015

Environment: Climate

Elections 2016: How Can the Climate Movement Have the Greatest Impact During This Presidential Election Period?; Bill McKibben & Climate Reality Check, Nov 12, 2015 (Audio recording)

Policy News: World FiT News

Britain is on the brink of a solar revolution. Don't put the brakes on now; Rt Revd Nicholas Holtam, The Telegraph, Nov 12, 2015


green arrow bullet11/13/15
Environment: Climate

How Green Are Those Solar Panels, Really?; Christina Nunez, National Geographic, Nov 11, 2014

What is the energy and carbon payback time for PV panels in the UK?; Center for Alternative Technology

Retrofits for Resiliency: How to Make an Existing Solar PV System into an Islandable Resilient Power System [Webinar archive]; Clean Energy States Alliance, Nov 12, 2015

Policy News: Utility Adaptation

Beyond fixed charges: 'Disruptive Challenges' author charts new utility path; Herman K. Trabish, Utility Dive, Nov 12, 2015


green arrow bullet11/11/15
Policy News: Community RE

First of 704 Photovoltaic Panels to Be Installed at Oregon's First Community Solar Project in Bend, Oregon; Cascade Business News, Nov 10, 2015

Policy News: Utility Adaptation

NARUC 2015: How the Clean Power Plan is transforming 'baseload' generation; Gavin Bade, Utility Dive, Nov 11, 2015

A Status Report on Rising Commitments Among Corporations and Governments to Reach 100% Renewables; Clean Edge, Nov 2015

Policy News: World FiT News

NERC approves feed-in tariffs for renewable energy sources; Babalwa Bungane, ESI Africa, Nov 3, 2015


green arrow bullet11/10/15
RE News: Storage & Integration

San Francisco braces for the Big One with microgrids; Laurie Guevara-Stone, Green Biz, Oct 26, 2015

RE News: Wind

A Texas Utility Offers a Nighttime Special: Free Electricity; Clifford Krauss & Diane Cardwell, New York Times, Nov 8, 2015

RE News: Energy

Nothing can compete with renewable energy, says top climate scientist; Damian Carrington, The Guardian, Nov 9, 2015

Policy Basics: Reports

Power System Flexibility Strategic Roadmap; Ken Dragoon & Georgios Papaefthymiou, Ecofys, Feb 25, 2015


green arrow bullet11/3/15
RE News: Storage & Integration

Cheap, Reliable, Lightweight Battery Near, but Not Here Yet; Umair Irfan, Scientific Amercian, Nov 2, 2015

Green Banks to Finance Microgrids?; Elisa Wood, Microgrid Knowledge, Nov 2, 2015

Here's how microgrids and utilities are getting along; Mike Hower, GreenBiz, Oct 30, 2015

Ontario electricity operator offers money for cutting power consumption; Shawn McCarthy, The Globe and Mail, Oct 5, 2015

RE News: Energy

Germany's planned nuclear switch-off drives energy innovation; Jennifer Rankin, The Guardian, Nov 2, 2015

RE News: Solar

How utilities are leveraging new software to help customers go solar; Herman K. Trabish, Utility Dive, June 25, 2015


green arrow bullet10/30/15
RE News: Storage & Integration

Think tank report says German solar-plus-storage breakthrough is imminent, warns of challenges; Andy Colthorpe, PV Tech Storage, Oct 28, 2015

green arrow bullet10/28/15
Policy Basics: Policy Innovation

OPUC Attributes for the Design of a Community Solar Program: To the Senate Committee on Environment and Natural Resources and the House Interim Committee on Energy and Environment; OPUC, Oct 26, 2015


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