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Our understanding of the global need to act, and the state of renewable energy policy and news are rapidly evolving in Oregon, nationally and internationally. This monthly resource will keep you up-to-date with what's new both in OREP and renwewable energy conversations from around the planet.

From local communities to national policy decisions, informed and engaged citizens will advance the transition to locally-owned and locally-generated clean renewable energy. We encourage you to check back regularly.

November 2014
green arrow bullet 11/26/14
RE News: Energy | Environment: Climate

Yes, the U.S. can reduce emissions 80% by 2050 — in 6 graphs; David Roberts, grist, Nov 25, 2014


US 2050 Report: Pathways to Deep Decarbonization in the United States; Williams, J.H., B. Haley, F. Kahrl, J. Moore, A.D. Jones, M.S. Torn, H. McJeon, Energy and Environmental Economics, Nov 2014

RE News: Solar

First 'plug and play' rooftop solar system installed in US; Edgar Meza, REnewEconomy, Nov 26, 2014


green arrow bullet11/25/14
Policy Basics: Energy/FiT Resources: Websites

Lewis & Clark Law School: Green Energy Institute

RE News: Energy

The Great Sioux Nation, Obama Administration Meet to Address Renewable Energy and Alternatives to the Keystone XL Pipeline; Ben Gotshall, Bold Nebraska, Nov 24, 2014

Policy Basics: Reports

Star Power: The Growing Role of Solar Energy in America; Judee Burr, Lindsey Hallock & Rob Sargent, Environment America Research & Policy Center, Nov 20, 2014

Americans Support CO2 Limits on Existing Coal-Fired Power Plants; Yale Project on Climate Change Communication, Nov 2014

green arrow bullet11/24/14
Policy News: World FiT News

How winning over rural constituents changed the political discussions on renewables in Germany; the energiewende blog, Nov 18, 2014

Key Findings: German Energy Transition – Arguments for a renewable energy future; Craig Morris, Martin Pehnt, Heinrich Böll Foundation, Nov 2012

The World's First Rural Feed-In Tariff?; Justin Guay, Sierra Club, Nov 21, 2014

Policy News: Utility Innovation

A small town in Germany becomes a testing ground for a smart grid; the energiewende blog, Nov 13, 2014


green arrow bullet11/21/14
RE News: Solar

Rooftop solar electricity on pace to beat coal, oil; Lucas Mearian, ComputerWorld, Nov 18, 2014

Environment California's New Report: Lighting the Way; Roy Hales, CleanTechnica, Aug 11, 2014

Environment: Climate

What's The Truth About Germany's GHG Emissions?; Roy Hales, CleanTechnica, Nov 16, 2014


green arrow bullet11/20/14
Policy News: Utility Adaptation

Big utilities pushing into booming home solar market; Nichola Groom, Reuters, Oct 22, 2014

Will the Solar Industry Get Behind CPS Energy's Alternative to Net Metering in San Antonio?; Stephen Lacey, greentech:solar, Oct 20, 2014

How California is incentivizing solar to solve the Duck Curve; Herman K. Trabish, UtilityDive, Oct 13, 2014

Environment: Climate

These teens are taking their climate lawsuit all the way to the Supreme Court; Sam Bliss, Grist, Oct 22, 2014


green arrow bullet11/18/14
Policy News: RE Policy Innovation | Policy Basics: Reports

Addressing Climate Change Without Legislation; Steven Weissman & Romany Webb, University of California, Berkeley School of Law, July 2014

RE News: Energy

A Tricky Transition From Fossil Fuel: Denmark Aims for 100 Percent Renewable Energy; Justin Gillis, New York Times, Nov 10, 2014

RE News: Wind

Scotland Produced Enough Wind Energy To Power Every Home In October; Ari Phillips, Climate Progress, Nov 5, 2014


green arrow bullet11/17/14
RE News: Solar
Why Haven't Cities Covered Their Buildings in Solar?; John Farrell, Institute for Local Self-Reliance, Oct 31, 2014

Cisco, 3M, NatGeo illuminate solar as an employee benefit; Garrett Hering, GreenBiz, Nov 12, 2014

Environment: Society

ACORE White Paper: Monetizing Energy Security; Brower, M, Foley, T, Hunter, L, Weiss, J, Sturtevant, J, Dodson, J, Neuhauser, J, Oct 2014

About Us: OREP Activity

Comments to the Northwest Power and Conservation Council regarding Seventh Power Plan: Quantifiable Environmental Costs and Benefits; Kathleen Newman & Ray Neff, Oct 31, 2014


green arrow bullet11/14/14
US FiT News
Feed-In Tariffs: A Tool for Increasing Economic Equality in the US?; Tam Hunt, greentech: solar, Oct 28, 2014

Policy News: RE Policy Innovation

Local Solar Rules Can Save You Big Bucks; Nathanael Greene, Renewable Energy World, Oct 24, 2014

Policy News: Community RE

Community Solar Allows Utilities to Adapt, Thrive as Energy Landscape Evolves; Emily Hois, Renewable Energy World, Oct 23, 2014

Environment: Society

A Scourge for Coal Miners Stages a Brutal Comeback; Ken Ward Jr., Environment360, Nov 11, 2014

'Green Envy' Prompts Neighbors to Go Solar; Robert Walton, Clean Energy Collective, Nov 10, 2014

Policy News: Utility Adaptation

Rooftop solar is just the beginning: utilities must innovate or go extinct; David Roberts, grist.org, Oct 21, 2014

Greening the Electric Grid; Pablo Astorga, Clean Energy Collective, Oct 28, 2014

Environment: Climate

Fixing Climate Change May Add No Costs, Report Says; Justin Gillis, New York Times, Sept 16, 2014

RE News: Energy

Be Selfish, Save The World; Gina Scarpa, Renewable Energy World, Oct 22, 2014


green arrow bullet10/23/14
RE News: Energy

This German Energy Expert Says Canada is Perfect for a Clean Energy Transition; Erin Flegg, Desmog Canada, Oct 18, 2014

Full Steam Ahead for German Energy Transition, Expert Tells Vancouver;
James Glave, Clean Energy Canada, Oct 17, 2014

Transforming the Utility Sector with New Business Models; Danielle Kershner, Renewable Energy World, Oct 15, 2014

World FiT News
India Faces Mounting Calls to Move Solar to Fixed Tariffs; Natalie Obiko Pearson, Bloomberg, Oct 12, 2014

US FiT News
Saving California's Small-Utility-Scale Renewable Energy Market
; Tam Hunt, greentechSolar, Oct 9, 2014


OREP's Vision for a sustainable, decentralized energy future:

  • A sustainable economy with family-wage, energy jobs throughout the state
  • Farmers, ranchers, tribes, and rural communities harnessing Oregon's abundant and varied renewable resources
  • Private and community ownership of solar panels across the built environment
  • Local financing of renewable energy projects keeping energy dollars recirculating in Oregon
  • Flourishing renewable energy industries across the state
  • Energy-informed voter support for renewable energy
  • A healthy environment, minimally impacted by energy production

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