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Costa Rica celebrates 113 days of 100-percent renewable energy; Inahabitat, Aug 23, 2016

The Link Between Good Jobs and a Low Carbon Future: Evidence from California's Renewables Portfoloio Standard, 2002—2015; Donald Vial Center on Employment in the Green Economy/UC Berkeley, Jul 2016


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green arrow bullet FACT SHEET: Obama Administration Announces Federal and Private Sector Actions on Scaling Renewable Energy and Storage with Smart Markets; The White House, Jun 16, 2016

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100% Renewable Energy for a Clean, Thriving America


Welcome to Oregonians for Renewable Energy Progress

NOTE: OREP has closed it's doors and is no longer an active renewable energy advocacy organization. While we are no longer active, we chose to leave our website up for the value of the information gathered, and as an archive of renewable energy feed-in tariff policy development in Oregon, and renewable energy growth in general.

Thank you for dropping by and carrying on this important work.

The OREP Team

OREP's Mission: Advancing the renewable energy transformation through innovative public policy solutions.

OREP's Vision: Oregon communities powered by clean, renewable energy.

100% Renewable Oregon Cities
The time is right to plan for a bold vision for the future powered by renewable energy. Local leaders around the country and world know that a commitment to an all-renewable energy future will not only result in cleaner air and water, it will be good for the climate, improve health, create family-wage jobs, and boost the economy.

In 2016 OREP is working with cities and communities around the state to explore the path to 100% Renewable Oregon Cities. Our organization is engaging stakeholders to discuss what it will take to become 100% renewable. We will facilitate local planning and goal-setting towards the energy future we need and a future that will benefit all Oregonians.

San Diego, CA and Vancouver, BC are two of many cities that have committed to power all of their city's energy needs with 100 percent clean energy within 20 to 35 years. The state of Hawaii has signed into law a requirement to switch their electricity sources to 100% renewables in the next couple decades. Portland made a step in the right direction this year, resolving to oppose new fossil fuel infrastructure and presenting the city's efforts at the 2015 UN Climate negotiations in Paris. Oregonians for Renewable Energy Progress is committed to this vision and the Pacific Northwest has all the resources to go further, making a 100% Renewable future our reality.

OREP is a nonprofit group of citizens who support & work towards state, county & city policies and regulations favorable to distributed, locally-owned, profitable renewable energy solutions. Distributed renewable energy not only creates increased reliability for consumers and utilities—in the form of community energy generation, residential storage and microgrids—it promotes local energy production that is not just in the hands of large investors.

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Note: OREP is no longer an active organization. We chose to leave our website up for the time being for the archival value it provides. OREP logo

Oregonians for Renewable Energy Progress
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